January is named for the Roman god of gates and doorways, often depicted with two faces, one looking back and the other looking forward—appropriate for the new year.

I spent the past year focused on promoting my Medicine For The Blues trilogy, because 2019 was the first full year when all three volumes were available. Now it is time for me to shift my focus away from that and onto a new writing project—another historical novel—that will require considerable research.

Consequently, I will be stepping back from blogging every month, perhaps writing a blog post every quarter. Time will tell.

Meanwhile I will continue to post a new vintage photo on my website every month. Plus I will send out a monthly newsletter to announce the arrival of the new “Featured Image” on my website, as well as any news regarding my writing.

I wish you all a health and prosperous new year.

—Jeff Stookey, January 2020




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Before I took up writing, I aspired to become a filmmaker. Many of my favorite movies were distributed by Janus Films. After completing a few short films I turned to writing, because it was far less cumbersome.




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