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On Feb. 19, 2018, Alan Rose wrote: “The Book Chat interview has been uploaded to my website. KLTV has begun airing it.”

Alan’s interview with me was recorded in January of this year. It covers my novel Acquaintance, the KKK, and the eugenics movement, among other topics. You can view it here:

February 2018 – A Chat with Jeff Stookey

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On February 13, 2018, I received this exciting email:

“Hi Jeff — Just wanted to let you know that my review of your book is running this week on This Way Out.” —Janet Mason

You can read Janet’s review here:

The Way It Was — “Acquaintance” — #LGBTBooks #amreading


Or you can listen to the radio show with Janet’s review here:

or here:


The review begins just after 22:00 minutes.

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Acquaintance has gotten a really sweet review on Mark Schultz’s Wordrefiner website. Please check it out and leave a comment.

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Earlier in February I received this message from the Multnomah County Library:

“Congratulations!  Your book, Acquaintance, has been selected to be added to the library’s e-book collection as part of the Library Writers Project.  We had 42 submissions to the Library Writers Project this year and yours was a standout.  Beginning later this month, your book will be featured on the Multnomah County Library OverDrive web site, which is accessed by over 30,000 unique users monthly.

Thank you for submitting to the Library Writers Project.”

—Javier Gutierrez
Director of Collections & Technical Services

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I hope you will continue to spread the word about Medicine for the Blues to all your friends.

Jeff Stookey


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